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Our Brand

At Audi, the rare spirit of bravery and pioneering is what motivates our engineers, our people and ultimately our customers. It’s what makes Audi like no other car in the world.

Vorsprung durch Technik is the way we do things at Audi. We strive to offer you the very best and latest in Audi products, world-class customer service and a truly satisfying ownership experience.

The day you purchase your Audi from Hatfield Audi (Audi Centre Rivonia and Audi Centre Hatfield); you don't just take ownership of a new mode of transport. You become part of a legacy that is driven by the pride in what we stand for, the passion to succeed in our endeavors as a top service provider and the commitment to the symbiotic wellbeing of all individuals associated with us. You enter into a mutual relationship, built on trust, respect and empathy as its core values.

Audi exclusive

Every Audi is intrinsically exclusive. The breathtaking design, the exceptional engineering, all embodying Vorsprung durch Technik in every detail.

Audi exclusive offers an almost infinite range of exterior coat colours for a greater expression of your personality. You can set the perfect tone for your new Audi with something boldly striking, tactfully discreet, or anything in between.

Then, from a selection of the finest leathers and upholstery, our master craftsmen can help you create a distinctly unique interior, accentuated with your choice of natural wood grain or sports styled aluminium inlays to make it truly your own.

Audi exclusive line is a design concept for the discerning Audi buyer who appreciates the experience of high quality, handmade interiors associated with Audi exclusive, without the expanse of colour choice. Seat coverings, door trims, headrests and controls are all covered in superb black leather with contrasting finishes to the stitching and seat centres.

Vorsprung durch Technik Environmental protection at Audi

A long tradition of environmental protection - Audi’s declared objective is to offer each and every customer driving pleasure and sustainable mobility. Our achievements speak for themselves – sportiness, emotional design, quality and environmental awareness all find a common form of expression in the brand with the four rings.

Vorsprung durch Technik is a commitment. This applies particularly with regard to the topic of CO2. Consequently, Audi pursues an all-embracing climate strategy that takes account of all the corporate divisions. It is the expression of the company’s enduring commitment to society and environmental protection and is, for this reason, an integral part of the corporate social responsibility. Our products are produced on the basis of a modular efficiency system. This holistic approach takes account of all CO2-related factors, including engine and drive concepts, aerodynamics, body technology and electronic assistance systems.

Get your own Audi and discover quattro®

For every driver, there is the perfect Audi model.

No matter how strong the motor is: its power is brought on the street only through the wheels. Thanks to the all-wheel drive quattro®, this power is ideally distributed between front and back axle – while providing and improving traction. Which not only increases the cars performance, but also the driving pleasure – for more precision and driving dynamics.

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To ensure you get even greater value out of your new Audi, we’ve developed the Audi Choice Program. This finance solution is specifically tailored to meet the requirements of Audi drivers, providing assurance around your Audi’s future value, packaged with our flexible finance products to give you peace of mind. Audi Choice Finance Solutions are currently available for the Audi A4, and the Audi A5. By safeguarding the future value of your vehicle, you can be confident your investment is protected.

Audi Choice key benefits:

  • Assurance of your Audi’s future value, helping to protect your investment
  • A choice of options at the end of your Audi Financial Services contract term
  • A personally tailored solution, based on the term and usage of your vehicle
  • The perfect opportunity to upgrade your Audi to the latest model more often
  • Total confidence, with the assurance of a finance solution designed for Audi drivers

Enjoy the power of Choice

The Guaranteed Future Value of your Audi is established at the beginning of the contract term, depending on the model and contract option you choose.

You will enjoy the peace of mind of knowing in advance the value you can receive for your vehicle at the end of the term of your contract. At the end of your term, you can choose to:

If you wish to trade-in your Audi for a new vehicle, all you need to do is return it to your Audi dealership. Your Audi Finance and Insurance Business Manager can then assist you with a finance solution on the Audi Choice Program tailored to your needs.

If you prefer to retain your Audi, simply let us know. You can choose to pay cash or apply for refinance your Guaranteed Future Value at the end of the contract. Please speak to your Audi Finance and Insurance Business Manager for information on how we can help you.

Simply return your vehicle to your Audi dealer at the end of the term. If the vehicle meets the agreed requirements, we will guarantee the value of the vehicle as set out in the beginning of your Audi Choice contract without any further implications to you.*

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