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Smash and Grab Window Film

Provides increased protection to the occupants of a vehicle against personal injury in the event of a smash and grab attack or accidental breakage of the glass.

  • Eliminates damaging UVA, UVB and UVC skin cancer causing rays by 99%.
  • Reduces glare by more than 60%.
  • Major reduction in cabin temperature. Heat reduction to 8 degrees Celsius, which lowers the usage of the air-conditioner system, resulting in less fuel consumption and fuel costs.
  • Greatly reduces the fading of a vehicles interior from the suns damaging rays.
  • Night-time glare is greatly reduced.
  • Improves resale value.
  • A transferable limited life-time warranty for new and used vehicles.

Audi Rubber Mat Set

A robust and tough compliment to your Audi to provide you with that extra protection for the interior of your car.

  • Genuine Audi Accessory.
  • Moulded to the unique shape of each Audi Model.
  • Designed to complement the beauty of your Audi.

Paint Protection System

Our Paint Protection system is a silicate which is applied to the outer surface of the vehicles paint, wheels and glass forming a permanent, high gloss layer above the clear coat of the paint. This layer in bonded to the paint by using a unique ionizing process where a "pre-clean" is first applied to the vehicle which removes all impurities from the micro pores of the paint, and intern this "pre-clean" then acts as the catalyst to the Paint Protection System forming a permanent bond which is diamond hard, yet silky smooth to the touch.

  • Bonds to, and seals the painted areas of the vehicle and provides the ultimate High Gloss protective coating whilst still allowing the paint to "breathe".
  • Protects and preserves the paint by continuously
  • neutralising, cleansing and dispersing air and waterborne contaminants.
  • Locks in shine, maintaining that "new car look".
  • No need for waxing and polishing.
  • Vehicle retains greater resale value.
  • Creates a barrier against oxidation (fading), atmospheric pollutants and damaging UV rays.
  • Protects against industrial fallout, acid rain, road grime and petrol overflow.
  • Prevents external rusting of paintwork.
  • A 5 year maintenance warranty.


Interior Protection System

  • Creates a permanent, invisible shield against water and oil based stains.
  • A "built in" sunscreen prevents sun damage to all treated surfaces.
  • Helps prevent vinyl & leather against dulling, hardening, fading and cracking keeping that "as new" look and feel.
  • Easy removal of liquid spills, dirt and scuff marks.
  • Preserves your interior in a new condition.
  • Non-toxic, allergy free protection designed specifically for automotive use.
  • Reduces food and pet odours.
  • Greater resale value.
  • A 3 year warranty.





Headlight Protection Film

One of the hardest workers of our Protection Product Line, a specially manufactured invisible film applied to your headlights to protect against chips and pitting of your expensive headlights.

  • Fine scratches disappear over time due to the special “Self-Healing” manufacturing process of the film.
  • Easy to clean – no ugly plastic covers that scratch and trap unsightly dirt behind the lens.
  • Does not crease, crack, bend or discolour in hot weather like plastic clip on protectors.
  • A limited lifetime warranty.

Tracker™ Vehicle Tracking

SkyTrax believe that protecting you and your family is far more important than only protecting your motor vehicle.

  • SkyTrax is active 24 hours a day.
  • SkyTrax is equipped with Global Positioning Satellite Technology providing vehicle positioning within 2-5 meters.
  • SkyTrax provides early warning notifications for unauthorized vehicle movement.
  • An assistance button is standard with every SkyTrax product, giving you immediate access to emergency services.
  • SkyTrax is web-based, for vehicle location online at no additional cost.
  • SkyTrax offers road-side and medical assistance.
  • Dedicated radio-satellite network, purpose-built and maintained by Tracker.
  • More than 31 000 recoveries and 6000 arrests.
  • 98% coverage of South Africa’s population. Tracker is unrivalled in both coverage and manpower.
  • Easy installation, using qualified technicians.
  • State of the art technology that won’t interfere with even the most sophisticated auto electronic systems.
  • 24 hour toll-free Tracker National Emergency Call Centre number.
  • Works in conjunction with SAPS.


Acoustic Parking Sensors

Park Distance Control are four sensors fitted to either the front or rear bumper to match the colour and design of your vehicle.

  • The sensors are designed to alert the driver audibly and visually of any obstacles being approached.
  • Sensors are active when reversing or while driving forward in confined spaces.
  • Helps prevent those small but expensive bumps and scratches.
  • Minimizes the risk of the limited rear view vision of modern vehicles.
  • A limited 1 year warranty on new and used vehicles.

*Please note that there is no visual feedback.

Bluetooth Communication

The convenient way to talk hands free.

  • Works with Bluetooth compatible cell phones
  • supporting hands free and handset profiles.
  • Talk on your cellphone with it being out of sight, in your pocket, cubby, briefcase etc.
  • All calls made using voice recognition dialling can be answered or rejected via the Control Unit.
  • Your Bluetooth cellphone will automatically work the moment you get into your vehicle after being initially paired.
  • Safe & secure. An effective way to help prevent smash and grab attacks and car accidents.
  • Make driving and talking legal.
  • Has a standard 1 year limited warranty.

*Various Bluetooth models available

*Only available on various models

In Car Entertainment

From DVD Players to iPod Solutions, we can provide premium in car entertainment options for your Audi.

  • DVD Players can be matched to the leather grade and colour of your vehicle.
  • Provides endless entertainment to the occupants of the vehicle.
  • Available in both headrest and roof mount variants.
  • *Only available on various models

    iPod Solutions provide the soundtrack to driving with Vorsprung, turning any trip into a memorable journey.

    • Operate and control your iPod from the vehicle command system.
    • Displays artist, album and song information on the driver information display.
    • Charges your iPod whilst playing
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