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Everything we do at Hatfield should benefit our brand as a whole. This ensures we’re always setting the benchmark rather than aspiring to be better.

With a decade of innovative vehicles, tailor-made solutions and customer-service excellence, we not only meet our customers’ demands, but consistently exceed them.

Audi Promise 

Quality Check

We always pay careful attention to detail to ensure that each Pre-owned Audi meets the exacting standards of Vorsprung. All Audi Pre-owned vehicles are taken through a comprehensive mechanical and quality check prior to being placed onto the showroom floor. Reconditioning work on the interior and exterior areas on the vehicle is also carried out.

Audi Integrity Check

The high possibility of buying a stolen vehicle from any used vehicle dealer prompts Audi to undertake a rigorous Integrity Check on all Pre-owned Audis, giving our customers peace of mind. The integrity of every Audi is paramount, and to ensure your Audi experience is exceptional, we check that all Audi Preowned vehicles are not listed as having been stolen, are the subject of fraud or any outstanding finance. Legally, if a stolen vehicle is resold and then impounded by the police, you as the buyer are still liable to pay all the instalments on the vehicle you have bought.

Audi Freeway Plan

Audi Freeway Plan is a comprehensive maintenance plan which covers services, wear and tear items and certain repairs. To ensure that your Audi maintains its high standards of quality, the Audi Freeway Plan gives you peace of mind that your vehicle will be serviced and maintained when necessary and at no extra effort or cost to you. This comprehensive plan is included on all Audi Pre-owned vehicles. Each Pre-owned vehicle is sold with a 1 year/25 000km Freeway Plan or the balance of the existing Freeway plan. Simply make an appointment with any one of our Audi Servicing Dealers to effect servicing, maintenance and repairs. Optional extensions to the Audi Freeway Plan are available. Certain items such as fuel, tyres, top-up fluids, glass, trim, paintwork and accidental damage are excluded.

For more information regarding the Audi Freeway Plan, contact 0860 434 838 or speak to your nearest Audi Dealer.

Audi Assist

Audi Assist is a programme whereby Audi South Africa and its Dealer Network pledge to provide you with peace of mind motoring by providing the infrastructure to support a countrywide emergency service 24 hours-a-day, every day. The programme is known as Audi Assist and operates via 0860 434 838 within the borders of South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Namibia and Botswana. The objective of the programme is to ensure on the spot roadside assistance offered by a fully equipped and trained Audi technician. The primary focus is to get you mobile in your own vehicle. Where a roadside repair cannot be effected and the vehicle needs to be towed to the nearest Audi Dealer, you and the occupants of the vehicle will be transported to a place of safety in the Dealer’s roadside assistance vehicle.

You are entitled to the following benefits free of charge:

  • Roadside assistance: for mechanical and electrical breakdowns also includes flat tyres, flat batteries, fuel shortage, vehicle keys locked inside the vehicle
  • Tow-in
  • Courtesy transport within 100 km of your normal place of residence, hotel accommodation OR vehicle rental if the breakdown occurs further than 100 km from your normal place of residence
  • Vehicle recovery




Volkswagen MasterCars are certified used vehicles that come with a variety of guarantees and a full service history. The MasterCar program has been around for many years and is a tried and tested solution for those who are looking for a guaranteed used car for sale.


80 Point Technical Inspection
80 Point Technical Inspection
Professional Vehicle Conditioning
Professional Vehicle Conditioning
Vehicle History Integrity Check
Vehicle History Integrity Check
Full Service History
Full Service History
Mileage Certified
80 Point Technical Inspection
2 Years | Unlimited Kilometer Warranty (optional)
2 Years | Unlimited Kilometer Warranty (optional)
24Hr Roadside Assistance
24Hr Roadside Assistance
7 Day Exchange
7 Day Exchange
Balance of Volkswagen Automotion Plan
Balance of Volkswagen Automotion Plan
Vehicle Customisation
Vehicle Customisation

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